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For the 2020 fees, the Board of Commissioners passed a motion to increase the fees $75. Click here to view the page from the Louisiana State auditor's report regarding how the District is a primary government. Click here to view the page from the Louisiana State auditor's report discussing the deficit from not increasing the fees from 2015.  Click Here for the full Bossier Press Tribune paper regarding the millage increase and fee adjustments. 

At our January 14, 2020 monthly meeting, there was some discussion regarding misinformation about the park. Click here for the full letter that clarifies that information.



1) Permits can be obtained at the front gate office Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

2)For any type of construction, you must contact the Corp of Engineers to obtain either a permit or a no permit required letter for protection of the wetlands. This needs to be obtained before contacting the District's office.  You may contact them at (601) 631-5000.

3) The District requires that all work being done over $7,500 be carried out by a licensed and insured contractor. Supporting documentation is required in order to obtain a permit from the District.

4) All construction, repairs and/or demolitions require a permit issued by the District.

5) Any permit for solar panels or related construction must be approved by the Board of Commissioners and the Board Engineer prior to the permit being issued.

New Construction and Additions Information CBB PermitBuilding Contractors

For a copy of the Landowner Rules and Regulations please view the Revised Policies and Regulations.


Lake Management

In regards to fishing, salvinia and other vegetation, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has provided the following information as a summary to the recent work on both Cypress and Black Bayou lakes:

  1. LDWF has created a waterbody management plan for all public lakes and waterbodies in Louisiana.  Generally, plans are updated every 3 years and are available on LDWF’s website: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/fishing/waterbody-management-plans-inland
  2. In years between waterbody management plan updates, an abbreviated document is created each year called an Aquatic Vegetation Control Plan.  These can be found at: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/fishing/aquatic-vegetation-control-plans
  3. Both plans contain summaries of LDWF’s management efforts for the lakes and discuss issues that face each reservoir.
  4. To summarize fisheries sampling from recent years:
  5. Black Bayou-there are no indications of major changes in the largemouth bass population since the removal of the protective slot limit based upon initial sampling.
  6. Cypress-crappie were sampled in 2019 and the population appears healthy.
  7. Cypress Lake will be sampled by a full slate of fisheries gears in 2020 to evaluate both the sportfish and commercial catfish populations.
  8. Herbicide activities on both lakes are directed at giant salvinia.  We rotate our spray crew among the many lakes we are responsible for and all of which have giant salvinia.  Generally speaking, the crew will visit the lakes every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.  Other vegetation related complaints will be treated if possible without sacrificing the primary goal of salvinia management.
  9. In 2019, LDWF treated 356 acres of aquatic vegetation during 15 operations on the 2 lakes. 

Jeff Sibley- Fisheries Biologist Manager – District 1

LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Cypress Black Bayou Recreation and Water Conservation District
135 Cypress Park Dr ~ Benton, Louisiana  71006 ~ (318) 965-0007
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